Twitch bans gambling links

The hugely popular social media platform has until recently been awash with online streamers publishing gambling-related content and links. In a recent development it has been ruled that Twitch has banned all gambling links.

The streaming channels for gambling content generate huge volumes of traffic due to their rising popularity in recent years. The most popular channels are dominated by live streams of online slots games.

“To prevent harm and scams created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit sharing links and/or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games,” the announcement says. “We will continue to monitor gambling-related content and update our approach as needed.”

This change came into effect on August 17th and has now led to an exodus from the gambling streamers as it means they can no longer monetise their content on the platform.

Throughout July, massive creators came out against gambling on Twitch, stating that it should be banned altogether. While this isn’t the decision that Twitch has made, the removal of affiliate links and codes is a step in that direction.

In late June, the European country of Slovakia chose to ban Twitch entirely after a creator in the region broadcast themselves illegally playing poker. Following this, we saw creators asking for Twitch to take action removing this type of content from the platform entirely with fears that it could cause negative repercussions for all creators.

As Twitch shared in its update, the rules on gambling streams could change in the future while they continue to monitor the situation, but right now it doesn’t appear there are any further plans to change again any time soon.

It remains to be seen now where and when the most popular Twitch streamers will emerge again but it is certain that losing twitch is a huge blow to them and fans of the popular streams. In some cases, live streamers have won huge amounts of cash playing slots, to the delight of everyone watching.